My Process Creating
Commissioned Bronze Busts

Here’s a look at my process in photos, documenting a recent project of mine.

First I sculpt the portrait in clay.

In the case of this project, I sculpted the bust entirely from a photo.

Next the foundry that I work with makes a mold of the sculpted clay bust.

Here’s the mold beside the original clay sculpture.

Next the wax is burned out of the shell – now ready to receive bronze.

Melting the wax out of the shells.

Pouring the bronze in the shells.

Here the shells are ready for the bronze pour.

Once cooled- the shell is hammered away to reveal the bronze.

Now the bronze is cleaned up and prepared for patina, or the process of giving the bronze its beautiful and iconic finish.

And the patina is applied.

Patina applied to bronze portrait bust

Whew! There you have it – the finished custom bronze portrait.

finished custom bronze portrait by Stephanie Hunter

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